About us

Who We Are

Kok And Dine is an online service, where you can book table of any restaurants and Hotels from all over India. By taking our service you will get various discounts and offers.

About Us

Kok and Dine have taken care of you, everyone, so that’s why it works in four categories.

The couple, Family, Friends, Corporate. With the help of restaurants and Hotels, we provide a welcome offer to every customer by their category. Here we will give all your favourite restaurants menu with their prices.

Kok And Dine do not take any charges to book table. Instead of that, it’s asked to place an order.

Our Mission

Covid-19 made us realise that we had forgotten discipline and responsibilities. We make crowd anywhere. Today is Covid- 19 but tomorrow will be something else. But we have to learn from Covid -19 and let’s make habit of discipline and responsibilities.

Social distancing must always be followed by us. We make always crowd in our favourite Restaurants and Hotels. But this things we have to stop, We have to think beyond this.

That’s why We made Kok And Dine to book your table and confirm it. And arrive to the Restaurants and Hotels in your time without making crowd.

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